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C Bliss by the Yellowstone River

C Bliss by the Yellowstone River

I am a dreamer and a creator…I discover the most extraordinary inspiration rambling through forests amidst songs of frogs, birds, insects, creaking limbs, and whispering leaves…riding my bike solo on dirt roads that wind around trickling creeks and grassy fields…paddling across serene waters in a lone canoe as the loon sings its haunting song…and swishing along on my X-country skis as I follow the footprints of a moose who has forged a natural ski trail in the snow.

I have always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places. My friends and family say that I do not like the grass to grow for too long beneath my feet, before moving on…More than that, I am driven by my passion to know more, to see more, to live more. Some days, I feel as if my life gets more exciting with each passing moment.

Amidst my exploration, I find that I excel at writing, editing, web content creation and project management, social media and online marketing, the organization of information, and communication.  I marvel at all the new web technologies and the amazing tools for communicating!

I also dabble in tap dance, digital photography, video, web & graphic design, singing, and other creative mediums. I am intrigued by the creative process and passionate about the power of expression, in all of its forms.

In my previous lifetime, I worked with children of all ages and abilities from young kids with tremendous challenges and special needs to brilliant high schoolers designing their dream projects.

I have also painted houses (interior and exterior), done property management and camp maintenance, and worked in a wide variety of jobs from pre-school gymnastics to college admissions.

I created and launched my own business in February of 2002, providing writing, editing, marketing, and project management services to small businesses. From there, I went on to self-publish Transforming Boundaries: An International Journal of Creativity and Connection. I created, edited, and published four issues of this unique Art Journal featuring North Shore artists, artwork, and events from Duluth, Minnesota, to Thunder Bay, Ontario. You can view excerpts of this publication in Writing, Editing, Creating, and Collaborating.

Then, after working largely in print, I fell into the world of web development. I found the work interesting and challenging…and the programmers and designers with whom I worked were brilliant thinkers! They saw the world in a whole new way. They taught me how to problem solve, find the answers, and create the solutions. I have continued to work in web development, online marketing, and social media for the past 10 years.

C Bliss Super Hero

C Bliss – Library Super Hero

I have also begun actively house sitting and caring for pets, plants, and properties. And I recently worked at the Bozeman Public Library, pursuing my childhood passion for reading and lifelong learning.

Obviously, my skill set is quite diverse, which is why I call myself a Freelancer Extraordinaire. I am up for trying just about anything…especially if it involves collaborative creating!

Chris (you can call me Bliss)

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