I was part of a collaborative effort to create a compelling, new visitor guide for the Grand Marais Area Tourism Association.


This was a group project that involved many people from the community of Grand Marais, Minnesota. The largest challenge was to create a marketing piece that would meet everyone’s needs.

Work Completed

I wrote most of the text in this new visitor guide, and helped to organize the information and layout of the booklet. I collaborated with graphic designer Katherine Hellner to create all of the headlines and taglines in this piece. I also made final edits and assisted with the proofreading and printing process. View a sample of the Grand Marais Visitor Guide here. In addition, I wrote other articles for Grand Marais Tourism that were featured in publications that promoted the North Shore region.


This 32-page tourist guide imaginatively blends together the history, culture, and beauty of Grand Marais, Minnesota, located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The stunning photographs, historical images, and poetic text made it a special gift for any traveler. This marketing piece successfully came together to represent all the competing interests of businesses in the community. The response to this piece was extraordinary! People visiting LOVED the guide, and the Grand Marais Tourism Association was extremely pleased with the final product. This was the first real professional marketing piece that had been specifically developed by a group of people from the community to market this spectacular area.

Grand Marais MN


After a more recent visit to Grand Marais, I felt compelled to write again about this magical place:

The narrow road winds its way up the shoreline, glimpses of the water peeking through royal stands of white birch. I hold my breath as I round the next bend. So familiar is this route I have traveled, yet the vision that comes into view is always a surprise.

Jagged, towering cliffs appear over expansive water…sometimes calm, translucent aqua or sapphire blue, sparkling as diamonds of sunshine dance across the surface. Other times, the water is a swirling, murky brown topped with whitecaps, waves crashing so loudly you can hear the resounding booms as you pass by.

Dazzling fall foliage paints a backdrop of yellows and oranges, creating a kaleidoscope of changing colors against the radiant water. And as the trees become barren, eagles and their nests suddenly materialize high in the tree tops.

Brisk, cold temperatures design exhilarating ice sculptures along the shore that glitter with winter brilliance by day.  And by night, the glowing mosaic of the Aurora Borealis moves joyfully across the midnight sky.

In springtime, spirited streams roar with the rushing spring melt, racing to join forces with this powerful expanse of rhythmic waves, tranquil one moment and roiling the next.

Summer often brings a mysterious morning fog that rises up to envelope you in its mist, hiding the view completely until you round the top of the hill and drop down into Grand Marais, a magical village nestled in a secluded harbor along the North Shore.

With the ever-changing moods of Lake Superior, I can assure you that this mystical journey will continually delight and surprise you…in any season!

Cascade River Falls, MN
ice near Grand Marais, MN
Lake Superior shoreline