Project Summary

I was the project manager, writer, and editor for JD Smith’s first professional marketing piece. This 32-page booklet featured compelling descriptions of his development properties, along with the highlighted successes for each project.


JD had no written information on his development projects and very few photos.

Work Completed

This booklet was designed from the ground up. I wrote all the text from oral interviews and written follow-up with JD. I collected all the pieces, maps, and photos; compiled and organized all the details and information about each project; and wrote descriptive summaries, along with poetic text to go with each development. I also wrote a bio for JD, wrote content for new projects, and created various content and related SEO descriptions for several websites as his business grew.


A true reflection of the Sonoran Desert, this stunning marketing booklet is filled with metallic copper backgrounds and site plans amidst colorful vegetation. I collaborated with graphic designer Katherine Hellner to produce a one-of-a-kind print piece that reflected the superior quality of JD’s work. This booklet propelled JD Smith into the development market, enabling him to secure other properties and develop other projects.

Copies of this beautiful marketing piece are available for viewing.

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Samples of Writing


As the sun sets, the fiery red hills become a place of boundless vistas. Shifting shadows create a kaleidoscope of spectacular images.



The natural beauty of this Sonoran Desert landscape is breathtaking…Old giant saguaros loom over the horizon and boulder outcroppings weave unique sculptures amidst the creosote and ocotillo bushes.



Spanish for slope, Ladera is a treasured desert refuge south of Chandler. The richness of this magical valley is revealed in the bordering hills with each rising and setting sun. The fertile washes bring forth a symphony of sound as coyotes and owls sing their soulful duets.