Project Summary

I interviewed all of the faculty, staff, and alumni; and wrote most of the articles in this 2005 Annual Report for the Department of Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan.


The biggest challenge was utilizing my experience as a creative writer and applying it to technical writing. Working with mechanical, civil, and environmental engineers, I had the enlightening experience of learning about varied technical fields and industries, and writing about topics that were totally new to me.

Work Completed

This was a collaborative project with Michigan Tech that I managed and helped to create for Monte Consulting Company. From my personal interviews with faculty and staff, I wrote all the articles and edited most every page in this 60-page report. I also worked closely with the graphic designer to create the layout and headings for each page. In addition, I interviewed faculty and staff and wrote articles for the 2006 Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Review at Michigan Technological University. Learn more about Monte.


The Department Chair William W. Predebon and Matthew Monte were very pleased with the final product. The articles were inspiring and compelling, effectively combining the creative with the technical. This Annual Report reflected the superior quality work of ME-EM, as well as featuring engineering ideas to change the world.