Project Summary

I was the project manager, writer, and editor for a collaborative effort to create a distinctive brochure that showcased the past engineering projects and success of SKG Enterprises, Inc. I worked closely with Shakir Gushgari, owner of SKG, along with his engineering staff, and graphic designer Katherine Hellner.


There were very few photos available, so I took some additional photos at the project sites. We also had to find a way to exemplify the high quality of SKG work with limited project information and engineering plans.

Work Completed

I took many of the photographs, organized the information, and wrote much of the copy (including the tagline Engineering the Balance) to design this piece—effectively highlighting SKG’s unique capabilities.


The result was an original and notable corporate brochure that featured the mission and approach of SKG Enterprises, and seven project profiles that highlighted their exemplary engineering work. See some of the pages of the brochure below and in the right column. SKG was pleased with the final product, and also added much of the text from this brochure and the photos that I took of the various properties on their website.

Copies of this distinctive corporate brochure are available for viewing.

Crestview SKG Enterprises Brochure

Cover of SKG Enterprises Corporate Brochure
SKG Enterprises Brochure Intro
SKG Enterprises Brochure Project List