Project Summary

I worked collaboratively on a book project with Scott Peltin and Jogi Rippel from Tignum. They wanted to write a book to share their high performance strategies and successful work with CEOs, leaders, and teams in companies worldwide.


The biggest challenge was organizing all the information and narrowing the focus to the most important facets, and outcomes, of Tignum’s work.

Work Completed

I originally met with Scott in person and then worked long-distance with him and Jogi, who was in Germany. We all collaborated on the outline, chapters, titles, layout, and design of the book Sink, Float, or Swim: Sustainable High Performance Doesn’t Happen by Chance—It Happens by Choice. I assisted with organizing and writing the information, and also put together all the references, notes, and source information. In addition, I edited the final version of the book and worked closely with the German printer, completing the final proofreading and making recommendations for changes.


Scott and Jogi were extremely pleased with the final product, and they used this book as a very effective calling card when approaching leaders and businesses about their work. Their company Tignum has continued to grow and evolve, moving into digital resources and expanding their work worldwide, opening offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands. For more information, go to

Sink, Float, or Swim is about helping leaders increase their response-ability (ability to respond to high demands) and their perform-ability (ability to perform at their potential). In the business world there are sinkers, floaters, and swimmers. This book offers pragmatic and proven strategies to help individuals, teams, and organizations become Sustainable High Performers (swimmers) and achieve their full potential. View an excerpt here.

We are forever grateful for Christine Buss. You fell out of the sky and helped immensely to bring our ideas together. You are a workhorse, and your incredible attention to detail and your resilience under our myriad demands made this book a reality.

Sink, Float, or Swim Acknowledgements