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In May of 2007, I fell fully into the world of web development. I was working with a brilliant, young programmer who showed me the basics of Drupal, and then told me to go experiment and learn how to upload content by actually doing it. He advised me to come and ask him questions only if I could not figure it out on my own. In addition to writing and adding much of the content and other assets, I collaborated with numerous people across departments, established owners for information, and created and finalized content submission procedures and a web update schedule for this new website.

Experience With Content Management Systems

This approach to learning about Drupal empowered me to learn much more, including HTML and some CSS. I also have learned to use a variety of other content management systems (CMS), including phpWebsite, Joomla!, Concrete5, and WordPress.

Building Websites With WordPress

WordPress has become the CMS of my choice, given its user friendly interface, along with the many functional templates that are now available. I also LOVE being able to train others with limited or no web experience to update and add content to their websites. Being the adventurer that I am, I had to prove to myself that I could build my own site, which is the site you are looking at! I used the Divi theme developed by Elegant Themes.

Web Content Management Expertise

I have extensive expertise in creating and managing content, photos, and documents for the web; uploading all kinds of media; and setting up forums & blogs and posting articles. I have continually expanded my skill set, now building websites, writing for search engine optimization, and managing social media.

Below are two more recent websites that I helped to develop and design. I built both of these sites using an Avada Theme as a starting point. I organized the information, wrote copy, created SEO tags and descriptions, resized and uploaded images, and added all menus, headings, text, and links for both websites. Click on the images below to view the websites.

NeuroMovement website for Anat Baniel
NeuroMovement website for Anat Baniel

I have worked with a wide variety of software including, but not limited to: Access, Project, Visio, InDesign, Photoshop, Pages, Publisher, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Basecamp, Google Docs, Sharepoint, Groove, Confluence, ActiveCollab, Tweet Deck, Buffer, Timely, Slideshow Pro, TubeMogul, SurveyMonkey, Infusionsoft, iMovie, Easy Web Video, Piktochart, and Integrated Library Systems (ILS).

Most recently, I have been creating videos and experimenting with video software like Easy VSL, Adobe Premiere, Reevio, Clipman, and other creative programs.

Chris has an incredibly upbeat personality and is a real-life idea hound. She is passionate about social networking and has a wonderful capacity to stay current with the most useful and exciting new tools available in the big world of the web.

Steve Frazier-Rice

Entrepreneur & Owner, Dotcomjungle

Social Media Coordinator

I was a part-time Social Media Coordinator for Anat Baniel from August 2012 to August 2017. I was contracted for 8 hours per week. During this time, I built her Facebook following to over 10,000 fans, through mostly organic growth (very little money spent on ads). View her page:

I also wrote and edited content for Anat Baniel’s blog posts, and managed her Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Most recently, I helped to rebuild two of Anat’s websites (see the featured images on this page).

Online Marketing and Email Campaigns

I have continued to create content for Anat Baniel’s online marketing campaigns, email messaging in Infusionsoft, and other special projects, like her NeuroMovement eBook (below).

Click here to view a special offer landing page that I designed in Infusionsoft.

eBook for Anat Baniel

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