I spent Thanksgiving alone today. I am grateful for days like these, where I have the whole day to spend however I like. I find that spending Holidays alone gives me time to reflect, explore, and dream; and I am extremely grateful for this time.

Today, I took a 2+ hour bike ride because the weather was glorious here in Colorado Springs. While I was biking, I was thinking about all the people and things that I am grateful for.  I’d like to share some of these with you.


This tops my list every time, when I contemplate what I am grateful for. I am 58 years old, I can do the physical things I love, like riding my bike (without too much trouble, although I am still getting used to the hills around here!).

And it has been over 25 years since I have taken any kind of medicine (even over the counter meds). I am so grateful to the woman with whom I have been working to create a life of Health and Choice, over this time period!


I am so grateful to have had this bike for many years now. (I bought it in the late 90s.) I keep rebuilding it, because the guys at the bike shops tell me it will last forever (since it has a steel frame).

It’s not a light bike but I do not ride like the wind; instead, I ride like it will be my last moment to see the world. I have taken the most spectacular photos when I have been on my bike.

The birds, wildlife, dogs, and people that I meet along the way have given me great gifts in each moment. See some of my wildlife photos here.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work at Bozeman Public Library. The environment, the staff, and the community members empowered me to be absolutely myself and use my creative skills in new ways. A special call-out to the Circulation Team for valuing and embracing me in all my silliness and weirdness. Running through the library announcing that Jigabug (the sweet miniature horse who got a library card!) was on the grounds was one of my favorite activities (besides petting her, of course)!

And I have the greatest gratitude for Cindy Christin, a friend and INSPIRING collaborator, and Mary Jo Stanislao, THE BEST BOSS EVER, who humored me with FUN BREAKS and showed me that working for other people can be as fulfilling as working for myself! If you believe that libraries are becoming obsolete, you have obviously NEVER been to the Bozeman Public Library. Check it out: www.bozemanlibrary.org.


I have the greatest gratitude for learning how to become responsible for each and every decision I make, and for CHOOSING POSSIBILITY. (Read my first blog post The Power of Choice.)

Right now, I am contemplating what I want to do next in life…
How can I use my creativity, collaboration, and people skills in new and exciting ways? What kind of work will bring out my passion for adventure?

I am especially grateful that I have the time and money to explore the next possibility. I often say that I am going to live to 100, and I really do hope that I live that long. I am excited to see what kinds of choices I will make in the future!


I am so grateful to have come to a place in my life where I absolutely LOVE my family members, each and every one of them, however they choose to live their lives.

And I feel so blessed to have met and become friends with a number of extraordinary people in my journeys.

A special call-out to my dear friends Mary Ellen, Antonio, Maggie, Christie, and the newest adventurer in my life, Terri. They continue to show me how to choose possibility, again and again, since it seems as if they have been choosing possibility their entire lives.

RUBY RED RIDER (aka Triple R)

This is my 2004 Mazda pickup, which I absolutely LOVE each and every day that I drive it, even after 4 years! I am so grateful to the original owner who kept it in pristine condition. I have the most gratitude to RRR for hauling my bike, and my things, and making it possible for me to pick up and move whenever I wish. Since I bought RRR, I have lived in Spokane, WA; Bozeman, MT; and now Colorado Springs, CO. Whatever fits in my truck goes, whatever doesn’t, I sell or give away.


I fell into this world years ago and have worked with some of the most brilliant programmers, creative designers, and exceptional web developers. I absolutely LOVE technology and what it is capable of…and I still believe that HTML is MAGIC!

These people were all happy to share their views of the world and their gifts with me. A special call-out to Katherine Hellner, a friend and an extremely talented graphic designer (we collaborated on an amazing project called Transforming Boundaries).

And I am grateful to Ken Klages, a friend and colleague, who has taught me much about online marketing, and is one of the BEST web developers out there! If you’re looking for a website for your business, Ken will make sure that it will produce a big bang for your buck: www.klageswebdesign.com.


I have been privileged to work for Anat Baniel as her Social Media Coordinator and “Go-To Gal” for a number of years.

After experiencing her work via testimonials from children and adults, and then experiencing it myself firsthand, my world was turned upside down.

I no longer believe that growing old means aches and pains, or limitations.

I also will continue to use the 9 Essentials of ABM NeuroMovement® as long as I live. Read the blog post I wrote about my experience.

I could go on and on about all the things I am grateful for. Instead, I will end my list here.

I’d really love to hear from you:

What are you grateful for?